The Passive Party's political standpoint is anti-violence. Their president O'Brian is heavily against the Chancellor and Supreme General's right-wing polices. The Chancellor has had several debates with the party's representatives over Laurencian laws, such as the right to own a firearm. When Laurencia invaded Usmax in a counter-offensive, the Passive Party started to hold peaceful protests outside of the Supreme General's residence to show their lack of consideration for the brief war effort.

Opinions of the party Edit

Right to bare arms

The Passive Party is heavily against the Third Basic Right in the Laurencian constitution. The third right gives all legal citizens in Laurencia's borders (off-land and mainland) the right to own, fire, and conceal (if they have a permit) a firearm. The head of the party believes that the AR15 is a "automatic weapon designed for school shootings". When saying this in a debate against the Chancellor, Eno replied, "with that logic, schools are firing ranges."


Laurencia does not supply welfare to the people as the Chancellery claims that while some need it, others abuse it and use it for their own personal greed. The Passive Party believes it is the government's responsibility to take care of the poor through welfare and constantly advocate for its establishment.


The party strongly opposes war and sees it as pure murder without cause. Laurencia is known for its lack of fear when it comes to war, which the party resents. O'Brian says that the leadership of Laurencia is reckless in its "bloodthirsty quest for war". The party believes that the Laurencian War was started by the government in secret to kill off Leftist Laurencians.

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