For the similarly named political group from Laurencian history, see the Monarchist Party.

The Democratic Monarchist Party of Laurencia (DMPL) is a young political party based in McTavia. They wish to convert Laurencia into a constitutional monarchy where the power is held by the King and the Prime Minister as opposed to a chancellor and vice chancellor. The DMPL was founded by Michael Hayward shortly after the Great Laurencian War to prove to the Laurencian people that monarchism and democracy and co-exist. The party takes inspiration from Laurencia's descendant nation Xospieca, which has a government similar to that of the one proposed by Hayward.

2018 elections for Chancellery Edit

The Democratic Monarchists are running for power in the Laurencian government. Hayward and his mate Max Gilbert wish to convert Laurencia into a kingdom of democracy and freedom.

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